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Mission Statement

The IgKnighters are a FIRST robotics team led by students who are "Men and Women for Others." We strive to give our members a positive, real-world learning experience and ignite a passion for STEM — Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Since our inception, the IgKnighters have striven to be an example to other teams. In 2009, the team was formed by McQuaid Teacher, John Maxwell, and two students. At the regional competition that year, they met Ralph Hudak, a mentor for Webster SparX (Team 1126). Together, they expanded the McQuaid Jesuit robotics team from two students to eighteen. When we started out, we had limited knowledge of what we were doing and had very few resources. Despite this, we won the Highest Rookie Seed and the Inspiration Awards in 2010. Building on our success, we went to the St. Louis World Championships two years later and placed third in the "Galileo" division. As a result of our team's passion for robotics, every year since our establishment we have won awards and served as ambassadors for FIRST.

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